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Computer enhancement: Computers can be powerful design tools, this topic refers to the possibility of the development of certain ideas that would not be possible without its existence.

Grid lines + Topology: Grid lines not only organize our cities, but also speak of its history, culture, and social climate. Topology, does a similar thing, except in three dimensions.

Grid lines and topology speaks of the relationship between people and its city elements.

The art of walking: Walking affects how we perceive our environment. The paths create a spatial narrative. Projects under this category seek to emphasize this narrative, and experiment with its different outcomes.

Textures: Refers not only to the tangible items, but also to the light that defines bumps, softness, and surface conditions, and transforms textures into visual experiences.

The "natural" landscape: The "natural" is what most refer as being there before human intervention. In this case it is analysed as such but also takes "artificial" (the opposite of natural) landscape into consideration.

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