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*What is "natural" may be difficult to find in a city such as Tokyo, a city with an accumulation of people, transport, concrete, and advertisements. In other words, Tokyo is filled with what we may call "unnatural" elements. 

This is why we decided to highlight one of the most obvious natural elements. The sunlight.



improved noise gortha3.jpg


with ground1.png


final gortha render3.png


Throughout the different times of the day, the coffee temple is filled with different patterns drawn by the sun's interaction with the bricks placed on the vault, as well as the bamboo and clay arrangements of its walls.

This play with natural lighting does not only emphasize the sun's role, but also enhances a temple-like experience.

Image 1

Light  and bamboo evoking shadows on clay wall

Image 2

Light filtered through vault emitting shadows on one of the walls running parallel to the vault.

Images 3-4

Light filtered through vault emitting shadows on the wall directly under the vault.

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