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*With the aid of a 6-axis robotic arm, my partner and I were able to carve parametrically designed clay bricks.

The bricks were able to rapidly acquire intricate textures as well as have openings that are accurately placed for optimal light manipulation.

The process is shown below:

gortha technology-02.jpg

attractor points

*Openings were designed with the aid of basic parametric design techniques.

Brick openings are oriented towards the ground entries in order to optimize the amount of light coming in. The smaller openings are closer to the light letting less light in, while the larger openings are further away from the "atractor point" shown above, allowing for more light to come in where it is needed

Image above

gortha technology-03.jpg


closer openings let in less light

Further openings let in more light

gortha technology-01.jpg



Images 1-3

The openings on the vault are shown above. Image 3 depicts the shadows projected on the wall after being filtered by the underground vault.


This video shows a 6-axis robotic arm carving into clay to form one of the bricks.

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