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Ars Feminae - #woman

Projection-mapped performance and installation exploring the complexities of women’s realities in a mirror world of patriarchy. Video installation and movement use water as a symbol of renewal and make abstract references to a hash of female perceptions and representations.

#woman was commissioned and presented by The Foundation for Emerging Technologies (FETA) as part of Ars Feminae Miamie. It was also presented at the Miami Performance International Festival, 2017. 

Dance: Roxana Barba

Music: Melissa Iverson

Installation and Projection: Sophia Cabral

#woman1 - Copy.jfif
2022-10-19 07_05_49-Ars Feminae Miaminae I - YouTube.png
This video of the "Womb" (above) was made to be projected onto the screen seen on the right. The projection happens once Roxana's shadow disappears.
2022-10-19 07_16_09-Ars Feminae Miaminae I - YouTube.png
2022-10-19 07_14_42-Ars Feminae Miaminae I - YouTube.png


This piece was made by Melissa Iverson, a Miami-based musician, for this installation/performance.

The sounds inspire the projections and dance.

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