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*In Genoa's history there have been different ways of treating the water's edge. In 1835-1844, the Terrazze di Marmo (picture 1) was built, separating the sea from the city through an elevated walkway.

The current water's edge can be seen in the picture below (picture 2).  

It can be seen that sitting and walking by the water is a popular activity in the city of Genoa. 

Genoa For Website-09.jpg

Image 1

The picture above depicts the Terrazze di Marmo built in 1835 and demolished in 1844. 



Image 2

The current sea-edge condition in the port of Genoa.

The current sea-edge condition in the port of Genoa. The edge is somewhat left barren with nothing but a few benches. The landscape is defined by steel, concrete, and naval elements such as cranes and container ships. 


Existing condition


new doc 2019-08-09 10.06.39_3.jpg


Image 3

Diagram showing how  the existing architecture affects the new proposal.


Diagram showing the building adjacent to the project (Magazzini del Cotone). This building's existing materiality affected the materiality of the new project (Image 5).

Image 4


genoa terminal4-01.jpg

Rendering of the cruise terminal showing its materiality

Image 5

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